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Technical Features
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The Minireceiver is a USB wireless receiver which forms the hub of the SimplyWorks system when used for computer access and will support up to six SimplyWorks transmitters of any kind.
Minireceiver supports the SimplyWorks TRACKBALL, JOYSTICK, SWITCH 125, SWITCH 75, SEND, SEND-6, KEYBOARD, and SMOOTH TALKER functions all via a single USB connection to the host computer and without dedicated driver software.
SimplyWorks allows you the freedom to create wire-free, single or multi-user learning environments, reducing set up time and allowing you to concentrate on the learning tasks themselves.
Minireceiver is compatible with all PC and Mac platforms that are fitted with a USB socket and makes use of advanced features that are not available on the PS/2 style connectors; so the unit cannot be used in the PS/2 socket of your computer even via an adaptor plug.

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