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Technical Features
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Exciting New Features with iOS 7
Scan Using The New Switch Control Feature
Added Switch Function – ‘Home’

Giving comprehensive scanning switch access to Apps, Music, iBooks, internet, and photography, using the iPad, iPad mini, iPod, and iPhone devices.

Accessing your Apps could not be easier
- Pair APPlicator with your iPad® by selecting it in the Bluetooth menu (no PIN entry required)
- Connect any wired switches to one or more of the four, programmable, switch inputs.
- Using the built-in display, select the function of each switch from the choice of 24 mouse/keyboard commands.
- For data entry press the virtual keyboard button to deploy the on-screen keyboard

Accessing your Music Playlist is even simpler
- Press the Quick Media button for preconfigured access to play/pause, skip forward and back and Timed Play (10 seconds)
- For more auditory functions, use the built-in display to select from play/pause, skip forward, skip back, volume adjustment, timed play and mute.
- Use up to four switches for faster access.
- Play music in timed-duration mode to add interest and inspiration

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